Tullis Engineering Consultants has 40 years of experience in research, consulting, teaching and providing expert witness services. They are renown for rapid responses and innovative state of the art solutions to their clients hydraulic needs. Engineering firms, governmental agencies, attorneys and equipment manufacturers come to TEC because they know that TEC is the best in the business for solving problems with valves, pump and pumping pits, pipelines, cavitation, transients, hydraulic structures, model studies and flow meters.

Dr. J. Paul Tullis, President of TEC, is author of, or contributor to 12 engineering books and authored over 400 other engineering publications. He is the recipient of the Hydraulics Structures Medal and the Huber Research Prize from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

TEC is your solution for:

  • Identifying the source of and finding solutions to difficult hydraulic problems.
  • Providing expertise on valves, pumping installations, pipelines, cavitation, transients and flow meters
  • Providing guidance for designing new or refurbishing existing hydraulic structures.
  • Helping you decide if a hydraulic model study is needed.
  • Conducting, supervising or evaluating model studies.
  • Serving on peer review boards.
  • Providing expert witness testimony.