Cavitation damage continues to be a serious maintenance problem with valves, orifices, pumps, turbines, high head gates, hydraulic structures, etc. TEC has over 40 years of research and testing experience that can be utilized to identify the cause of cavitation and provide solutions to control or eliminate it from your system.



TEC Can Help with Cavitation

  • Trouble-shooting cavitation problems for valves, pumps, hydraulic structures, etc
  • Determining and eliminating the cause of the problem
  • Evaluating safe operating conditions for cavitation free operation for your system
  • Providing alternatives to allow cavitation free operating
  • Recommending appropriate replacement equipment, if necessary
  • Provide forensic engineering and expert testimony services


Dr. J Paul Tullis, president of TEC has 40 years experience solving cavitation problems for hydraulic structures and hydraulic equipment. He is author of the two most extensive publications on valve cavitation and has world-wide teaching and consulting experience on cavitation problems. Dr. Tullis, President of TEC received the ASCE Hydraulic Structures Medal and the Huber Research prize from ASCE as recognition for his extensive contributions in the field of cavitation.