Cavitation damage continues to be a serious maintenance problem with valves, orifices, pumps, turbines, high head gates, hydraulic structures, etc. TEC has over 40 years of research and testing experience that can be utilized to identify the cause of cavitation and provide solutions to control or eliminate it from your system.




TEC is highly experienced with solving cavitation problems through research and testing of valves, pumps, turbines, gates and a variety of hydraulic structures. We solve cavitation problems for engineering firms, valve companies, pump companies, municipalities and law firms.

Innovative TEC Solutions

  • Analyzing numerous control valve failures due to cavitation
  • Conducting extensive cavitation and erosion testing
  • Producing extensive cavitation design data for valves
  • Suppressing cavitation; especially aeration techniques
  • Developing laboratory techniques to detect and quantify cavitation for valves
  • Testing many valves for cavitation and noise control
  • Quantifying scale effects for valves
  • Testing cavitation pumps to determine required NPSH
  • Eliminating cavitation in tunnels and outlet gates