If you need help selecting a new flow meter or analyzing a problem with an existing meter TEC can help. With 40 years experience calibrating flow meters we can help you select the one best suited to your needs.


Flow Meters


TEC is experienced in calibrating, evaluating and selecting flow meters for the following types of flow meters.

  • Accutube
  • Annubar
  • Dye injection
  • Magnetic
  • Turbine meter
  • Segmented venturi
  • Fluid Kinetics sonic meter
  • Nozzle
  • Ultrasonic
  • Vortex meter
  • Coriollis mass flow meter
  • Flumeter
  • Orifices
  • V-Cone
  • Cutthroat flume
  • Lithium tracer
  • Parshall flume
  • Venturi
  • Weirs