Designing new or refurbishing existing hydraulic structure requires a thorough design and review process to insure that the structure is hydraulically efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, and economical to build and maintain. TEC has supplied consulting services and peer review services to engineering firms on a variety of hydraulic structures.

Hydraulic Structures

TEC Can Help

  • Serving on peer review boards
  • Analyzing designs to identify potential problems
  • Improving hydraulic performance to increase safety and reduce cost
  • Providing alternate designs concepts
  • Trouble-shooting problems and providing innovative solutions
  • Evaluating needs for hydraulic model studies
  • Conducting model studies*
  • Writing test plans for model studies
  • Evaluating model study results


TEC has 40 years experience improving the design of hydraulic structures. Dr. Tullis, President of TEC received the ASCE Hydraulic Structures Medal as recognition for his extensive contributions in the field of hydraulic structures.

*Model studies are conducted in cooperation with the Utah Water Research Laboratory at Utah State University.