Piping systems must be able to tolerate variations in pressure caused by starting or stopping pumps, opening or closing valves, filling and draining, etc. Piping systems should be analyzed to quantify transient pressures. For many systems, it is helpful to use a numerical model to quantify transient pressures and determine if and what type of surge protection is needed.


TEC Can Help

  • Identify the cause of your transient/water hammer/surge problems
  • Analyze your system to decide if a computer analysis is needed
  • Provide computer analysis of your system
  • Investigate transient problems caused by control valves, check valves, air valves, pumps, hydraulic turbines, pipe ruptures, filling to fast, etc
  • Take field measurements to identify the magnitude and source of your transients
  • Provide solutions for eliminating or controlling your system transients


TEC has extensive experience solving hydraulic transient, water hammer and surge problems. Dr. Tullis, President of TEC has authored a book containing several chapters describing the theory and how to solve hydraulic transients problems (publications). He has conducted basic research and written numerous computer programs to solve unsteady flow problems. He is nationally and internationally recognized as an authority in this field.