TEC can provide engineering services to trouble-shoot problems and improve performance of new or existing pipelines. We can analyze your system for transients, cavitation, general performance and assist in selection or trouble shooting of valve and pumps. For pipeline failures, we can provide forensic engineering services to identify the cause and identify solutions.



TEC Can Help

  • Assist with pipe selection, we have extensive laboratory experience with many pipe materials for pressure pipe and drainage pipe, including: steel, concrete, PVC, HDPE and aluminum and steel spiral rib pipe. From our laboratory testing, we have accumulated a broad data base identifying the friction factor for most of the classical and innovative new pipe materials.
  • Reviewing your design to look for potential hydraulic problems and recommend solutions
  • Modifying designs to improve performance, increase safety and reduce cost
  • Selecting control valves, air valves, check valves, etc.
  • Selection and operation of pumps
  • Performing transient analysis related to valve and pump operation, filling, flushing and beading air, etc
  • Identifying potential cavitation problems


Dr. Tullis, President of TEC has extensive teaching, research and consulting experience solving piping problems. Heis author of a text book and chapters in several CRC Handbooks on pipeline design and performance (see publications). He has conducted basic research and numerous testing projects on pipelines both in the laboratory and in the field. He is often called on to determine the cause of pipeline failure.