TEC can provide engineering services to trouble-shoot problems and improve performance of new or existing pipelines. We can analyze your system for transients, cavitation, general performance and assist in selection or trouble shooting of valve and pumps. For pipeline failures, we can provide forensic engineering services to identify the cause and identify solutions.




TEC has consulting and Research Experience on a broad range of pipeline problems including the following:

  • Reviewed design and operational plan for a new 96 inch pipeline near Fort Worth TX, For Freese and Nichols Inc.
  • Analysis of pipe rupture during filling, Stockton CA. East Water District, 2001
  • Laboratory evaluation of friction factors for numerous pipe products
  • Design of liquid sulfur pipeline
  • Design of penstocks for hydropower plants
  • Design of an underwater pipeline and underwater canal to transfer salt brine under the Great Salt Lake
  • Computer analysis of pipeline collapse due to surge pressures resulting from a pipeline break
  • Design, computer analysis and physical modeling of pipeline surge control devices including air chambers, surge tanks, stand pipes, pressure relief valves and surge anticipating valves
  • Design, computer analysis and laboratory testing of air vents and air release/vacuum breaking valves for pipelines
  • Computer analysis to develop safe methods to fill and operate pipelines and tunnels to minimize surging and water hammer effects
  • Computer and physical modeling of column separation and the influence of trapped air on water hammer pressures in pipelines
  • Field testing and computer analysis of transients caused by starting and stopping pumps in pipelines
  • Analysis of pipeline versus using an open channel for conveying flood water
  • Transient analysis of sewer pipeline for project development in Hong Kong
  • Simulation of blood flow in arteries