For pumps to operate efficiently and with minimum maintenance, they need to be properly matched to your system, have adequate NPSH, have good suction conditions and be installed properly with the appropriate check valves and surge protection equipment. If your pumps are operating at low efficiency, or are having noise, vibrations or cavitation problems, TEC can help.

Pumps & Pump Pits

TEC Can Help

  • Provide guidelines for pump selection
  • Evaluate pumping installations and pump performance
  • Evaluate suction conditions
  • Determine the source of cavitation and vibrations
  • Provide modifications to reduce or eliminate cavitation and vibrations
  • Evaluate your operating procedures
  • Review design of pumping pit and determine if a model study is needed
  • Conducted field tests and inspections to identify problems.
  • Provided recommendations to improve performance and efficiency.
  • Provide model study services (see modeling)


TEC has extensive teaching, research and consulting experience solving pumping problems. Dr. Tullis, President of TEC is author of a text book and chapters in several CRC Handbooks on pump selection and performance (see publications). He has conducted basic research and numerous testing projects on pumps and pumping pits both in the laboratory and in the field. He is often called on to determine the cause and solution to pumping problems.