For pumps to operate efficiently and with minimum maintenance, they need to be properly matched to your system, have adequate NPSH, have good suction conditions and be installed properly with the appropriate check valves and surge protection equipment. If your pumps are operating at low efficiency, or are having noise, vibrations or cavitation problems, TEC can help.

Pumps & Pump Pits


TEC is experienced in solving pumping problems through research and testing of pumps and pumping pits. He has also served as a consultant to engineering firms, pump companies and municipalities solving pumping problems.

  • Evaluating pump design to determine cause of cavitation and vibration damage, Sausalito California, 2003
  • Identifying defects in pump design, Marshall Texas, 2004
  • Computer modeling of pump start-up at D.C. Cook Nuclear power plant, Michigan, 2002
  • Completed over 21 hydraulic model studies of pump intake designs and developed modifications to improve performance
  • Analysis of Swan Island Pump station, Corollo Engineers, Seattle WA. 2000
  • Field testing of pumping plants and pump intakes
  • Laboratory testing of pumps for performance and NPSH
  • Computer analysis of water hammer and surging caused by starting and stopping pumps
  • Design, computer analysis and physical modeling of surge control devices including air chambers, surge tanks, stand pipes, pressure relief valves and surge anticipating valves for controlling transients caused by pump operation
  • Analysis of piping failure in a refrigeration system at a hospital in South Dakota
  • Troubleshooting circulating water pumping problems at power plants
  • Cavitation and vibration problems with condensate pumps, Buneos Aires Argentina