Valves are a fundamental part of most hydraulic systems. When properly selected, they can provide many years of trouble-free operation controlling flow or pressure, controlling transients, handling trapped air problems, preventing backflow, avoiding cavitation, noise and vibrations and many other tasks. However, all too often, valves create operational problems.


TEC Can Help Prevent or Eliminate:

  • Valve failures due to cavitation
  • Improper valve operation resulting in water hammer or surges
  • Selecting the wrong valve type or size
  • Valves failing to open or close
  • Excessive torque or thrust
  • Check valves slamming shut
  • Excessive wear of check valves
  • Poor controllability
  • Air valves improperly selected or improperly located
  • Leaking or seats failures


Dr. Tullis, President of TEC has 40 years experience solving valve problems. is author of the two most extensive publications on valve cavitation, author of chapters in several CRC Handbooks on valves and author of hundreds of valve reports ( publications) and has world-wide teaching and consulting experience with valve problems.